Neighbourhoods, Streets, Buildings (Everything Old is New Again)

January 30 – May 29, 2015 DTAH Portal at 50 Park Road, Toronto Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – this mantra stemming from the 20th century sustainability movement has long been applied to pop bottles, newspapers, and shopping bags but, until recently, has not been considered in the broader sense of how we as a culture revitalize neighbourhoods, redevelop infrastructure, or construct buildings.

In the context of multiple concurrent global crises, what would it look like if we could rethink the evolution of our communities to increase beauty and self-sufficiency through the introduction of urban agriculture? Or reduce carbon emissions from automobiles and adverse health effects from sedentary lifestyles through the redesign of our streets? Or rethink the evolution of our communities by limiting construction material extraction and waste through the reuse of existing buildings?

Neighbourhoods, Streets, Buildings presents these three themes within the context of the City of Toronto, and explores the enormous range of benefits these strategies could bring to the surrounding community and culture as a whole.