DTAH has been designing landscapes, buildings and communities for over 40 years. Here is an overview of how we have evolved:

  • early 1970’s du Toit Associates Limited formed by Roger du Toit, which specialized in planning and urban design
  • 1974 du Toit Architects formed to pursue combined architecture and urban planning projects
  • 1985 du Toit Allsopp Hillier formed with partners Robert Allsopp and John Hillier and replaced du Toit Associates Limited
  • 2000 new partners: Brian Brownlie, Mark Langridge and Peter Fletcher Smith
  • 2006 Joe Lobko merged his architectural studio to combine resources on key adaptive reuse projects
  • 2012 new partners: Bryce Miranda, Brent Raymond and Megan Torza
  • 2012 the company names of du Toit Allsopp Hillier and du Toit Architects Limited were changed to DTAH and DTAH Architects Limited respectively
  • 2015 new partner: James Roche

Our studio has always believed that good environmental design requires the broad urban design perspective that can only be derived from an integrated landscape/architecture/planning perspective. The studio continues to be led by partners with multiple memberships in all three fields, who actively seek to apply an inter-disciplinary approach to all city-building projects. We also believe that urban landscapes – streets, plazas, parks and gardens – are the glue that holds it all together, that make cities work.

The strong sense of history and continuity in our studio is coupled with an equally strong sense of curiosity, adventure and exploration. While the continuity comes from the partners and senior staff, much of the excitement comes from a young and talented studio. Collectively we share an unwavering commitment to excellence.