1. We design landscapes, buildings, and communities.
We are a multidisciplinary firm, both in what we practice and how we tackle the problems we encounter.

2. We are interested in public places.
Our work spans many sectors. But it is the connection between the physical, cultural, historical, and social aspects of public spaces that draws our greatest interest.

3. Our bench strength is deep.
While our capabilities are broad, we cultivate a culture that seeks a profound understanding of our craft that pursues excellence at every level.

4. We embrace dialogue.
Whether it is with clients, large consultant teams, complex community consultation, or with our own internal teams, collaboration is an intrinsic element in the way we go about our business.

5. Social responsibility is not a roof garden (even though we have one of those).
Social responsibility is wrapped up in how we see the world and is the defining reason we do what we do.

6. We have fun.
We take our work very seriously. Ourselves, not so much.