Active City

DTAH partnered with Gladki Planning Associates to develop an educational document on active transportation for Toronto Public Health. Entitled Active City: Designing for Health, it drew on academic research and a number of case studies of successful projects in Toronto and around the world to make the case for prioritizing cycling and walking in urban design interventions of all scales. The final product was a highly accessible and graphic report, suitable for dissemination amongst City departments and the general public alike.

A one-day colloquium was also organized to discuss the challenges and opportunities to design and implement the ‘active city.’ Guest speakers included Toronto’s Chief Medical Officer, Chief Planner and General Manager of Transportation Services, as well as Joanna Frank, Director of Active Design for New York City’s Department of Design and Construction.

DTAH provided text, photography, and graphic design for the report, which was intended to be visually attractive and accessible to the general public.

You can access the full report here:



Toronto, Ontario