Bank of Canada – Head Office Renewal

The Bank of Canada is conducting a renewal of its office complex to modernize the space and ensure it is a safe, comfortable and productive place to work while maintaining a commitment to preserving the architectural heritage and integrity of the original buildings, including the original head office at 234 Wellington Street built in 1938 and Arthur Erickson’s towers and atrium added in the 1970s.

Perkins + Will are charged with the architectural renewal, while DTAH has been engaged to design and implement a public realm and landscape concept that will transform the East Plaza into a vibrant public space that will invite people to gather and enjoy the outdoors, a feature praised by the National Capital Commission as a welcome addition to the landscape around Parliament. Entrances for the Bank of Canada Museum and the Bank’s conference centre will be more inviting and meet the Bank’s safety and security needs. The garden court, the soaring, light-filled space that Erickson first envisioned, will remain a centrepiece of the building. Located in the interior atrium at Spark Street, it will continue to act as a gathering point for employees, and as the entrance to the new conference facility, will continue to delight visitors to the Bank.


Ottawa, Ontario