Better Bathurst

Traditionally seen as little more than a movement corridor and dividing line between neighbourhoods, the “Better Bathurst” Built Form and Land Use Study was the first report to offer a proactive vision for the street. It emerged in response to recent development proposals, the increasing scale of individual projects and the need to address the confusion caused by the role Bathurst Street plays as the western edge of the Official Plan’s designated Downtown and Central Waterfront area.

Closely engaged with the community throughout the process, DTAH’s approach was to define the study area by its areas of different character. In some segments of Bathurst Street, where land use and built form appeared stable, little change was recommended. In others, where large commercial uses dominated, there was the opportunity for well-considered intensification that would lead to a denser, more urban environment. These desires were communicated through a host of proposed built form requirements and suggestions for public realm improvements.

The study recommendations present an exciting opportunity for the City to define the strategic direction for growth, revitalization, heritage preservation and enhancement of the Bathurst Street corridor’s unique character and identity.


Toronto, Ontario