Brampton Queen Street Urban Design Guidelines

DTAH completed the Urban Design Guidelines and Built Form Controls for the Queen Street Corridor, both east and west of the downtown core. East of the downtown core is characterized by low rise commercial uses, large property sizes, vast areas of surface parking lots and numerous driveways along the street. In contrast, the scale and character of the street west of the downtown is low-density commercial / residential with relatively small land parcels. Both are areas in transition with opportunities for pedestrian and transit friendly redevelopment aligned with the City’s overall growth and intensification objectives. Each of these studies were supporting documents to the City’s Official Plan, which defines location, level of intensity and type of redevelopment to be encouraged within the built up area.

The work included the investigation of street networks, public open space, integration of high-order transit, and explored in greater detail a number of sample sites which reflected a broad spectrum of intensification opportunities of varying scale, character of open space, mix of uses and building typologies suitable to the suburban context. The intent was to provide design guidelines that would support a mix of uses, improve the public realm and encourage intensification that could be supported by high-order transit.



Brampton, Ontario