Cherry Street Transit

Cherry Street links Toronto’s West Don Lands Precinct Area to the revitalizing waterfront. It is an ideal corridor for expanding transit service and other circulation needs as the area develops.

Although it was originally intended as a pedestrian-friendly thoroughfare, in the process of designing the street to accommodate a wide range of functions—dedicated transit, vehicular lanes, bike lanes and parking—the local community reacted to what was becoming a traffic oriented right-of-way that did not serve their needs. The community asked Waterfront Toronto and the City if they could participate in a design process,  one that would consider neighbourhood character alongside traffic function.

DTAH was invited to lead and facilitate a community design charette to make explicit the community’s goals and formalize their input to inform the provincially mandated Environmental Assessment process. This effort is seen by many as a defining moment towards grassroots, community-initiated street design in Toronto. A summary report was prepared on the community’s behalf to suggest how to best expand transit into the West Don Lands, with the final EA preferred option being one developed through this public effort.


Toronto, Ontario