Fort York Transitional Residence

This facility occupies a formerly contaminated brown field site near Bathurst and Front Streets, offering two kinds of accommodation for men moving off the streets of Toronto. Second floor dormitories provide transitional accommodation for seventy men in groups of four and eight who are in need of housing assistance while receiving support services and job training. The third floor includes 26 single-room occupancy apartments (+- 350 SF in area) each of which includes a small kitchen, bathroom, and bed/sitting room.

In addition to these units, each floor contains a shared laundry facility and lounges. Separate lobbies serving the individual floors are located at the east end of the ground floor plan and serve to distinguish the two accommodation types from one another. The ground floor provides support space for the transitional housing including a dining lounge and kitchen, workshops, resource rooms, lounges, and offices dedicated to supporting the occupants.


Toronto, Ontario