Gage Park

DTAH completed the Gage Park Master Plan and the Stormwater Management Plan with AMEC in 2010 for one of Hamilton’s most popular heritage parks that had deteriorated over time through heavy use. The plan is intended to protect and reveal the park’s heritage quality, accommodate new uses and requirements, increase personal comfort and security, and incorporate a stormwater management plan.

Options from complete removal to rehabilitation and expansion were explored for key elements that include the existing greenhouses, band shell, children’s museum and formal gardens. DTAH Architects prepared a conceptual design for a new Children’s Museum, Aviary and Tropical Greenhouse as part of this project. Though a comprehensive public consultation process a final concept was realized and adopted by City Council, and the first phase was completed in 2009 that included restoration of the formal gardens, park entrances, and a minor stormwater system.

In 2013 DTAH was invited by the City to complete the Visualization Phase for a major stormwater management facility. DTAH’s design and visualization efforts include the stormwater swale, culverts and headwalls, preliminary planting schemes, and circulation routes, based on AMEC’s engineering concept for the facility. The design options presented to the public aim to maintain existing sightlines, create architectural and seasonal interest, and recognize the maintenance regimes for landscape features. The preferred option will be implemented, and the main guiding principles established in the design of the Gage Park Stormwater Management facility will be set as a precedent for future facilities in the City of Hamilton.


Hamilton, Ontario