John Street Pedestrian Bridge

DTAH’s “Twin Arch” design was selected as the winning entry in a limited design competition for a new pedestrian/cycle bridge crossing over the Airport Rail Link corridor at John Street in Weston, currently under construction.

The design features a pair of above-deck arches, tilted outwards and offset from each other in plan, to support the bridge crossing. Diagonal and vertical struts connect the arch to the deck in a spoke-like pattern inspired by Weston’s bicycle heritage. Ramped approaches on both sides provide universal accessibility. “Backdrop” walls behind the planted ramp zones provide a framework for vertical greening and public art. A pylon tower acts as an “urban marker” for the bridge crossing, incorporating local identity signage and feature lighting. This helps lend prominence to the inner block location, by day and by night, for users approaching along John Street as well as the many train passengers catching a glimpse of the setting from the rail corridor below.


Toronto, Ontario