Lux Spa

Lux Spa, a “New York” style manicure and pedicure bar, occupies 800 square feet in Toronto’s Yorkville neighbourhood. Conceived as a compact and intimate plan, the focal point is the long white communal manicure table visible from the busy street. The pedicure area, built into the long sidewall for privacy, is a stretched out white biscuit-tufted banquette, which lends the spa a sophisticated air.

The finishes are clean and subdued, and reflect an attention to detail and customization dictated by the clients’ need for durability and a hygienic image. Materials are in shades of white and chrome, set against a light-blue floor. Contrasting dark wood appears sparingly as an accent to further define spaces and focus attention on such elements as the small concierge reception desk and display cabinets. Customized seating, signage and recessed lighting further delineate and complete the package.


Toronto, Ontario