Weston Revitalization

DTAH have contributed to a series of projects related to the revitalization of the Weston neighbourhood. DTAH were initially hired by Metrolinx to facilitate a design charrette for the John Street Crossing.  The purpose of the charrette was to create an opportunity for residents and stakeholders to discuss the practical implications of a pedestrian crossing at John Street and the potential for the Georgetown South Railway Corridor Expansion Pearson Railway Link and the new Weston GO station to provide a stimulus for neighbourhood building in Weston.

DTAH were subsequently selected to assist with the Weston 2021 Design Initiative — a  long-range, neighbourhood revitalization effort being coordinated by the City of Toronto through the local councilor’s office with the participation of Metrolinx.  The aim of this process was to provide inspiration for how Weston can position itself to grow and thrive over the next decade. There were three parts to the Weston 2021 Design Initiative: a design charrette, a Technical Assistance Panel (TAP) through the Urban Land Institute, and the Weston 2021 Action Plan. The process explored a number of design options for redevelopment and revitalization in Weston village, in particular examining alternatives around the new GO Station, the existing Farmers Market, and a City of Toronto Tower Renewal site along Weston Road.

Building on previous efforts, DTAH were selected by the Urban Land Institute to lead a public realm strategy to support recent efforts in the John Street area. The strategy will inform public realm improvements and lead to a demonstration of potential benefits through a temporary installation during the summer of 2012.

Further, DTAH were selected through a design competition as the architects for the John Street Pedestrian Bridge, which will complement the Farmers Market and Cultural Hub projects and provide a new landmark and destination in Weston Village.


Toronto, Ontario