Oakburn-Avondale Master Plan

The Oakburn-Avondale Land Use Management Master Plan reflects the TDSB’s vision to build exceptional schools for 21st century learners and sustainable community hubs with places for people to live, learn, work, play, and engage with their community inside and out. This vision is achieved by the strategic redevelopment of surplus TDSB lands in partnership with the residential development sector. This strategy provides a capital funding source to build the new schools through the TDSB’s Capital Building Program.

The existing Avondale School will be transformed into a new facility incorporating Avondale Public Elementary, Avondale Alternative Elementary and Secondary, and the TDSB Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program, potentially with a new City of Toronto child care on the eastern portion of the existing school property.

The design of the western portion of the site is focused on creating a complementary, well integrated, rich and varied residential development and outdoor open spaces, characterized by excellence in building, landscape and public realm design.


Toronto, Ontario