Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts

The Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts is located in the heart of Richmond Hill’s downtown core. DTAH’s landscape work for the site, which consists of a new theatre building designed by Diamond and Schmitt Architects Inc. and the restored old Town Hall, includes a Town Plaza, parking area and surrounding landscape.

Central to the landscape design for the Centre is the 650 square metre Town Plaza. The space is designed as a hard surface urban plaza to accommodate exhibits, large-scale art and allow for outdoor productions and presentations. Large trees are strategically located within the plaza to provide dappled shade during the summer months. A central water fountain has been designed with acclaimed fountain designer Dan Euser. With a series of water jets hidden beneath a flush stainless steel grill, the fountain can be shut off to accommodate outdoor events. The same control system can add a variety of lighting and water effects to animate the space. The north side of the site also incorporates ramp access to the old Town Hall and a smaller garden with a diverse assortment of flowering shrubs and perennials. Typical treatments throughout the site include heritage inspired benches and lighting.


Richmond Hill, Ontario