Tree Planting Solutions

Trees are a crucial component in healthy city infrastructure, however current tree planting conditions in urban sidewalks often result in dying and struggling trees. The City of Toronto has established a goal to increase both the number and size of its street trees. The City aims to grow large-canopy trees in hard boulevard surfaces that have a complete 40+ year life span and are 40 cm in diameter at breast height.

DTAH was commissioned to produce “Tree Planting Solutions in Hard Boulevard Surfaces: Best Practices Manual”, which examines and provides cost-efficient options to reach this goal. The manual includes guiding principles for larger, healthier street trees; proposes three different construction methods to grow trees in sidewalks; details and specifications that include rainwater harvesting and horticultural needs; and documents demonstration projects testing utility access for installations and repairs. Research that informed the manual was documented in the “Context Review and Precedent Analysis of Toronto and Other Municipalities” report that analyzed urban forestry practices for eight North American municipalities with similar climate and density.



Toronto, Ontario