UOM Sustainable Campus Competition

DTAH together with Cohlmeyer Architecture Limited, Integral Group, and BA Group, placed third in the Visionary (re)Generation international design competition to re-imagine the University of Manitoba’s Fort Garry campus. There were 45 Phase 1 submissions, and 6 were shortlisted to Phase 2.

The design concept is guided by the premises of a wise use of resources and evolving urban form that allows for choice and adaptation with less reliance on fossil fuels. The approach to the development of the recently acquired Southwood greenfield lands is a compact, urban, transit-oriented and climatically resilient “Village” that is seamlessly inter-locked with the campus, and includes the following three big directions:

Tread Lightly: Emphasize the conservation of existing natural, cultural and built resources – accept what is already in place, preserve the best, adapt and improve the rest, and add progressively and carefully to create an exemplary sustainable place.

Grow Smart: Demonstrate transit supportive and pedestrian-friendly development. Capitalize on the productive use of the fertile soils of the Southwood lands. Build an inclusive community that protects the environment, promotes social equity, and supports economic vitality.

Make a Place: Establish a framework of streets and blocks that can be built up over time with pedestrian supportive development. Integrate storm water management within a robust public space system. Utilize reliable and efficient energy systems. Provide a mix of complementary uses and flexible building types to support social and community growth.


Fort Garry Campus, Winnipeg, Manitoba