Vineland Research and Innovation Centre

DTAH (with Diamond Schmitt Architects) prepared a new master plan for the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre in the Niagara Region.

The VRIC campus is composed of 30+ buildings, some with heritage significance that date back to the early 1900s. The campus is situated on 80 acres of specialty agriculture fields dedicated to regional tender fruit and grape vines. The facilities are occupied by provincial and federal offices (including the Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture Canada), research laboratories and greenhouses. As a platform for the VRIC’s interests in sustainable stewardship and public education this master plan accommodates a new state of the art 67,000 sq ft research facility, and a new landscape concept providing strong links between the campus and the shores of Lake Ontario.

Phased over the next decade, this new vision will define the character of the VRIC as the heart of agricultural research and public education in the Niagara region.



Niagara Region, Ontario