Willcocks Common

DTAH have been selected by the University of Toronto to lead the design of a re-imagined urban landscape for the Willcocks Street corridor and Common.

This important and dynamic pedestrian thoroughfare located in the heart of the St. George Campus will complement the campus’ existing pedestrian open space network and build on the strengths of the surrounding context while becoming a new hub for the campus community.

Running the length of two city blocks, from Spadina Avenue to St. George Street, the renewed Willcocks Street and Common will serve as a venue for casual social use by the University community and will provide, along its entire length, opportunities for active recreational uses and occasional programmed events. Building upon the pilot project for one portion of the street, implemented in 2011, the design will also consider how to reinforce the strengths of the surrounding context while addressing issues around future development sites and potential modifications of adjacent streets.


Toronto, Ontario