The Legacy Art Project is a citizen-funded public space initiative dedicated to the spirit of courage, determination, and action that Terry Fox embodied. The Legacy Art Project, working with the City of Toronto, will build a permanent public art and landscape installation on Toronto's waterfront inspired by Terry Fox’s legacy. In November 2018, five artist + landscape architecture teams were short-listed by the Legacy Art Project Jury from a list of 40 "Expression of Interest" submissions, led by seasoned Art Consultant and art expect Rebecca Carbin, Principal of Art + Public Unltd. On January 29, 2019, the five artist + landscape architecture concept proposals we're revealed at Fort York Visitors Centre.

We Are Shaped By The Obstacles We Face by Jon Sasaki + DTAH proposes an integrated experiential installation that strives to convey Terry Fox's astounding perseverance, determination, and optimism in the face of challenge. The installation is a curving course of intriguing granite sculptures that act as an optical illusion, visually appearing to obstruct a visitor's path with a wall of stone and foliage from certain perspectives, while creating an uplifting silhouette of Terry Fox from another. The installation aims to reframe obstacles as things not necessarily to be feared. Rather, it brings to light how obstacles can be something to push up against, a problem to be solved, a test, a growth opportunity that can make us stronger for ourselves and others, and something that can help define our relationship to the world. The optical illusion of obstacles throughout the installation, a concept inspired by P-Gates, act as both disruptions and sites of contemplation. The result is a transformative and interactive experience that has visitors reflect on their journey and the rewards of perseverance. Once visitors reach the end of the path and look back at the obstacles, the realization that the rocks actually work together to visually create something greater will inspire visitors to continue pushing forward and to recognize the impactful things that can be achieved from a collective perspective. Learn more about the proposal here