DTAH Partner Megan Torza will be speaking at the National Trust Conference 2019 Heritage Delivers: Impact, Authenticity, and Catalytic Change (presented in association with the Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals) in Winnipeg on October 18, 2019. Megan will be presenting Master Planning New Development in Heritage Contexts as part of Session 2.1 - Design Track - Adaptive Reuse. Master planning, intensification, and development studies often require investigating how new developments can be integrated into established built environments. These urban design studies must recognize that cultural heritage plays an irreplaceable role in the broader ambitions of placemaking and city-building, and should determine effective ways for heritage sites to act as catalysts for greater sustainable regeneration and intensification throughout the community. While the revitalization potential of existing properties in both urban and rural contexts can have equally positive impacts, the opportunities, challenges, and solutions can differ drastically due to their economic, social, environmental, and cultural contexts. Looking at two architect-led urban design master plans, this presentation will compare the design and implementation, unique spatial requirements of specific building forms and typologies, and the planning ideals and constraints for a range of uses in urban versus rural settings.

The annual National Trust conference is Canada’s largest heritage learning and networking event. Held in a different part of Canada every year, this national conference brings together a wide-range of people keeping Canada’s heritage alive: from grassroots advocates, professionals and planners, to elected officials, policy makers, and students. Learn more here