As part of the 2021 DesignTO Festival, DTAH Partner and Toronto Society of Architects Chair, Megan Torza, will be speaking as part of the Urban Affairs Forum on “Does Canada need a National Architecture Policy?” The virtual “fireside chat” will include representatives from some of Toronto’s leading city-building organizations, who will share their own perspectives on the process and content of the emerging National Architecture Policy for Canada, responding to the nationally formulated “Rise for Architecture” Vision. Read more about the Rise for Architecture Vision here

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National Architecture Policies have been implemented around the world and set guidelines and best practices to enhance social, cultural and environmental well-being. These policies can also support politicians, professionals and the public in creating more sustainable and equitable societies. The built environment has an enormous impact on our quality of life and the quality of life of future generations who will inherit the places we have designed. The discussion around whether or not to implement a National Architecture Policy in Canada asks what we want our built environment to say about us, now and in the future, and what values and priorities we want to guide the design of our cities, and whether these values and priorities should be coordinated and consistent across our nation as a whole.

This video also provides additional context and background on the vision and ideas to be discussed. View video on YouTube here