BEAM: Winnipeg Market Lands

New light and life in the Exchange District

As the future home of a new Winnipeg Farmers' Market, Urban Shaman Gallery, and residents of 100 new units of affordable housing, BEAM acts as an urban catalyst and inspires continued growth in the Exchange District. This holistic design concept submitted for the Winnipeg Market Lands Design Competition incorporates sustainability, seasonality, vibrancy, and connectivity to create a public platform for the advancement of art, food, and culture in the community. Rich, textured building materials and the coloured facade pattern invoke warmth, light and tactility, furthered by the exposed heavy timber structure of the ground floor “public rooms” and the surrounding rich landscape palette.

The urban design strategy for the block reflects the evolution of the site as a place of convergence. The east-west massing of BEAM takes advantage of optimum solar access and buffers prevailing winter winds creating a comfortable micro-climate at grade for year-round use, while future development to the north gently transitions in scale creating unique south-facing terraces, green roofs, and elevated views across the downtown.


Winnipeg, Manitoba



BEAM offers new Beginnings for the Environment, the Arts and Markets in the Exchange District. Inspired by the illuminating power of light, BEAM is a lively, radiant, welcoming creative hub for the diverse people of Winnipeg and its visitors.

The interior configuration is designed to maximise connectivity and accessibility between the arts and their audience, food merchants and foodies, residents and their city. The bustling Market Hall allows vendors to occupy and customize a range of spaces, showcasing the cultural diversity of the community. Daybreak Hall acts as an informal lounge, gathering space and event venue. In the summer it opens to the public plaza and in winter visitors can gather around the central fireplace providing respite from the cold. Both Halls are encased in a wood scrim with integrated programmable LED lighting, creating infinite opportunities for dynamic, glowing public art that draws people into BEAM. The rest of the creative hub, anchored by live/work studios, galleries and a woodworking shop, is connected to the Daybreak and Market Halls by a spine of day lit pedestrian circulation where additional exhibition display and public amenities are accommodated. Above this, the affordable housing offers inclusive, family-friendly, healthy living with amenities for communal cooking, gardening, and more.

Designed to Passive House standards with photovoltaics on the roof and geothermal systems below that are zero-carbon and result in 84% energy savings, BEAM is as environmentally and economically sustainable as it is socially and culturally.

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