Helping communities direct change

The study area at the intersection of Sheppard Avenue East and Victoria Park Avenue is a business hub, with over 18,000 employees, in one of Toronto’s most concentrated areas of office jobs. 

The area is also receiving significant growth, with upwards of 3,500 residential units approved, under construction, or occupied in the past ten years. To manage change, support employment uses, and direct investments into broader community improvements, the planning framework reinforces continued employment investment and intensification in the Consumers Road Business Park, residential uses, community facilities, a street and block plan, and public realm improvements to serve resident and working populations. 

Built form is encouraged to shift from a low-intensity, auto-oriented typology to one that creates a more comfortable urban condition for pedestrians, fostering ground floor activity through grade-related uses and landscaped setbacks. DTAH has completed similar assignments for numerous cities across the country, most recently in Brampton, Ajax, Scarborough, and Richmond Hill to name a few.


Toronto, Ontario


City of Toronto

DTAH were responsible for built form testing following current City guidelines and policies, and the preparation of urban design guidelines (built form and public realm) to support the planning framework. Our strategy was to establish an attractive and vibrant transit-oriented community with improved multimodal connections, where intensification occurs with minimal impacts on existing neighbourhoods and supports the ongoing health of the business park.

What was once an auto-oriented business park is poised to reinforce its position as one of Toronto’s major office nodes, with an enhanced public realm, improved amenities for workers, and complementary mixed-use intensification on revitalized urban Avenues.