Curated by Megan Torza of DTAH, StreetsPortal explores the transformative role that well-designed streets can have on an increasingly dense and urban city. The exhibition draws upon DTAH’s 40 years of experience designing streets as places in cities—as well as ongoing work with the City of Toronto on their Complete Streets Guidelines— in asking the question of how we can re-shape city streets into unique and memorable public open spaces that are safe and accommodating for all.

“The vision driving our design work on streets and corridors is that city streets are significant public open spaces which connect people and places and support the development of sustainable, economically vibrant and complete communities. StreetsPortal aims to demonstrate how this can be done and what a street that considers all users might look like, so that in the future all citizens demand more from their streets,” said Megan Torza, Partner, DTAH.

Located steps away from Yonge + Bloor, StreetsPortal is the third major exhibition hosted by DTAH. Established in 2014 with assistance from the Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York City, the gallery space DTAH’s historic 50 Park Road studio is situated in the front window of the studio, so as to be visible from the street by pedestrians, cyclists and commuters throughout the day.

“As members of the design community who do a lot of work on public projects, we feel a great responsibility to share our thinking process, and the key considerations in the problems we set out to solve, with the public,” said Megan Torza, Partner, DTAH. “Through exhibitions like StreetsPortal, we hope to empower the public with information in order to encourage greater engagement in the design of our city.”

StreetsPortal runs May 06 – May 29, 2016, and is proud to be a part of Jane100: Celebrating the legacy of Jane Jacobs.

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