DTAH is working with the City of Vaughan to develop a comprehensive and integrated public realm and streetscape plan for Vaughan Mills Centre. This plan will direct the future design, implementation, and maintenance of a comfortable, safe, and high-quality pedestrian-oriented public realm for Vaughan Mills Centre.

Find out more about the project on Vaughan’s website here: Vaughan Mills Centre Public Realm and Streetscape Plan

DTAH Associate, See-Yin Lim will be presenting The Port Lands Flood Protection and Enabling Infrastructure Project: Green Infrastructure and Sustainable Placemaking at the Grey to Green 2021 Conference on Wednesday June 16, 2021, at 1:15pm EDT with Shannon Baker from Waterfront Toronto. Shannon will also lead a virtual tour of the Port Lands Flood Protection and Enabling Infrastructure Project on Tuesday June 15, 2021 at 10:15am EDT. DTAH is part of a collaborative team to design and implement the infrastructure, streets, and integrated public realm that will support future city-building initiatives within Toronto’s Port Lands.

The presentation explores the comprehensive vision for the Port Lands, which uses landscape as its organizing structure. With the reconstruction of three major roads: Cherry Street, Commissioners Street, and Don Roadway, a low impact development approach has been adopted to manage stormwater, provide passive irrigation of streetscapes, and to promote biodiversity. A sustainable and integrated design approach is underway in the Portlands, knitting the Public realm, the parks, and the river together to create a cohesive green space.

Register for the conference at the Grey to Green website here

Read more about the other presentations and virtual tours here (Link opens on Day 1 [Tuesday June 15] of conference – link on page to Day 2 [Wednesday June 16])

Related Projects

DTAH Partner Emeritus, Robert N. Allsopp is featured in an eight-part documentary series, “Memoirs of Pioneering Landscape Architects of Quebec and Ontario”, created by EVOQ.

The series was produced by Isabelle Giasson, Fanie St-Michel, and Steven Turcotte and presents the personal, professional and academic memoirs of a collection of individuals who pioneered the discipline of landscape architecture in the 1950s, '60s and '70s. The series was awarded the CSLA Award of Excellence in Communications in May 2021.

Watch Robert N. Allsopp’s interview on YouTube here

Find out more about the project and watch the other interviews here

DTAH thought-leaders Brent Raymond, Chris Veres, James Roche and Yvonne Battista are presenting at the 2021 CSLA Congress on Friday May 28, and Saturday May 29, 2021. This year’s congress theme is “Nature-Based Solutions: The Green Recovery that Ensures a Great Recovery”.

Chris will present Preparing for Takeoff: A Landscape-Focused Vision for the Downsview Park Aerospace Campus with David Anselmi from the Canada Lands Company on Track 2 in Session 1 on Friday from 1:15 to 1:45 PM EDT.

Yvonne, James and Brent will all present as part of Session 1 on Saturday, from 1:15 to 1:45 PM EDT on Track 2, presenting Thru Fresh Eyes: Celebrating New Typologies of Open Space.

Brent will also present Complete Streets: 20 Years On, on Saturday in Session 2 from 2:00 to 2:30 PM EDT on Track 2.

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Find out more about the other talks happening here

Friday Session 1, Track 2: Preparing for Takeoff: A Landscape-Focused Vision for the Downsview Park Aerospace Campus, David Anselmi and Chris Veres

This presentation will tell the story of the Aerospace Campus Master Plan, established with the guidance of DTAH for Canada Lands Company. Through a discussion of both current and future projects at Downsview Park, Chris and David will demonstrate how a landscape-focused vision can result in a successful process, product and enduring performance for both built and natural interventions.

Saturday Session 1, Track 2: Thru Fresh Eyes: Celebrating New Typologies of Open Space, Yvonne Battista, Brent Raymond and James Roche

The presentation will discuss how cities take advantage of the often forgotten in-between spaces by referencing three DTAH projects as case studies: Toronto’s Green Line, the Brampton Riverwalk, and Vaughan’s Edgeley Pond and Park.

Saturday Session 2, Track 2: Complete Streets: 20 Years On, Brent Raymond

The presentation will touch on a range of items: the basics of Complete Streets, what has worked and what hasn’t, the importance of context, and working with other professions and champions to make it happen, and the future of street design.

Related Projects

The revitalization of the Cummer Avenue United Church aims to create a more welcoming, accessible, adaptable, and sustainable worship centre and neighbourhood hub for the surrounding growing community.

DTAH has led the design of the renovation of the 1960s church building, now nearing completion. Museumpros Art Services Inc. were engaged by the Church to restore the original wooden sculptures and reinstate them into the renovated building.

DTAH’s renovation scope includes the provision of a new, accessible main entrance connecting to reconfigured worship spaces and administrative offices, as well as new multi-purpose meeting and gathering spaces within the ground and lower levels of the building. DTAH is also reimagining the landscape surrounding the church to be more open and accessible, and accommodate a range of outdoor activities.

Hepburn Engineering is currently under construction with the interiors nearing completion and ready for final finishes and furniture installation. The project will establish a new welcoming and engaging home for this well-established, proudly Canadian engineering company.

DTAH has prepared a design inspired by the simple elegance of the original industrial building. The bold dark exteriors are pulled into the interior palette with black accents, contrasted with gallery-white walls, fumed oak doors and large expanses of seamless glass screens.

In support of Hepburn’s commitment to Canadian art, the space will also function as a gallery, displaying a distinctive existing collection and a custom 15m by 3m digitized art mural that will highlight the firm’s work.

Related Projects

A virtual public meeting for the First Parliament site in Toronto will be held on Tuesday May 18, 2021 from 6.30 to 8.30 PM EDT. The focus of this session is to present the First Parliament Master Plan. Register for the meeting here

DTAH is leading a multi-discipline team in a planning study for the First Parliament site in downtown Toronto. Located on the original Lake Ontario shoreline and in the former Town of York, the site is historically significant as the location of Upper Canada’s first purpose-built and parliament buildings as well as subsequent uses that represent the cultural and commercial growth of Toronto.

Learn more about the project here

Sunland Central Green is a new urban waterfront park in an expanding residential district of Shanghai. Designed to be implemented in phases, this is the first stage of a multi-faceted, multi-use outdoor destination that will provide diverse ecological spaces, including grasslands, open meadows, forests and bird habitat alongside a series of social and recreational spaces.

This first phase, designed by DTAH and implemented by MYP Inc., includes walking circuits and trails which promote greater pedestrians and cycling connectivity throughout the site and adjacent communities. A central plaza and canopy act as a spacious and flexible focal point where community activities can occur. Bold and colourful planting animates the spaces at ground level and forms dramatic views when viewed from the surrounding towers above. The design also introduces green infrastructure and enhanced stormwater management, which reduces the impact on the municipal sewer systems and improves water quality as it discharges into the adjacent river.

See sketches and learn more about the project here