Construction is currently underway at Confederation Beach, a 93 hectare outdoor public space in the City of Hamilton. The 4 kilometer long linear waterfront park is located on the shore of Lake Ontario, north of the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) in the City of Hamilton. The park is an important natural heritage green space in the City and links the natural corridors of the Red Hill Creek and Stoney Creek, as well as a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. DTAH has been selected by the City to design and implement a new outdoor sports and recreation complex, park, and pavilion at Conference Beach. The project is an opportunity to enhance and celebrate the existing landscape, while promoting public participation in athletic activities that will result in a healthier, more active, and more engaged community. The design includes exceptional and diverse athletic facilities and an innovative natural themed playground that inspires exploration and stewardship, elegantly incorporated into the landscape while capturing views to the lake. Additionally, the new park provides the public with safe and robust support systems, such as washroom facilities, high quality lighting, clear wayfinding and universally accessible spaces.