University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC) has selected DTAH to lead the Landscape and Public Realm Master Plan for the UTSC campus. DTAH will be collaborating with Hoffmann Hayes to deliver a visionary plan that integrates principles and practices of permaculture within an active and dynamic campus setting. The Master plan will guide future improvements and redevelopment to the campus and will serve as a clear organizing physical framework linking people, places and community through a hierarchy of open spaces and circulation networks with a particular focus on the pedestrian relationship to the physical environment, the use of resilient native landscape materials and ease of maintenance.

Building upon frameworks established through UTSC's Campus Master Plan and Secondary Plan efforts, this project is an exciting opportunity to significantly enhance the student experience by establishing sustainable landscapes, pedestrian priority zones and enhancing numerous open spaces. The campus landscape is the place where academia meets the social and cultural school community, where students, faculty, and staff can casually share ideas, and where forward-thinking values spill out beyond the classrooms and labs. It is a place for people to meet, play, rest, and reflect. The right landscape interventions, even modest ones, can reinforce campus identity and bring people together in a safe and welcoming place for the university community and the community beyond.