On October 29, 2020 ACEC-Canada and Canadian Consulting Engineer (CCE) magazine hosted the Canadian Consulting Engineering Awards (OCEA) online. At the event, Garrison Crossing was awarded an Award of Excellence. The project, led by Dufferin Construction and Pedelta, with DTAH providing architecture and landscape design services, represents a key step towards improving connectivity and accessibility in and around Toronto’s fast-growing downtown communities. It provides an important new multi-use trail that connects Wellington Street in the north with Fort York’s Garrison Common in the south, establishing a stronger link between Toronto’s neighbourhoods and the waterfront. Inspired by the meandering alignment of the original Garrison Creek, the crossing is highlighted by two landmark tilted-arch bridges over the existing railway lines. The project is not just simply a new addition to Toronto’s physical infrastructure, it is an urban social device that promotes connectivity and human interaction, as well as enhancing the cultural heritage of the City. Learn more here

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