After successfully completing the preliminary feasibility study and obtaining the endorsement of City Council, DTAH has now been selected by CreateTO to be the lead Architect to develop a detailed design concept for the Parkdale Community Hub.

This section of Parkdale has deep roots and has long served as a civic and cultural hub for the neighbourhood, historically providing a centre for community life. The vision for the new Community Hub will focus on providing much needed space for the Masaryk Cowan Community Centre and associated community uses, as well as a new and revitalized Toronto Public Library. As part of the overall redevelopment, the City will also be providing two development blocks dedicated to affordable housing under the City’s new, fast-tracked, “Housing Now” Initiative.

The Community Hub will be a reflection of Parkdale’s unique character, supporting a diverse community that represents all cultures, languages and perspectives. The new Hub will preserve and celebrate this diversity and will be a place where everyone is welcome. Read more about the project so far here