Located in a 1960’s era warehouse, the new home for Hepburn Engineering Inc. offered an opportunity to provide a flexible office plan with a continuous and fully accessible perimeter, with ample access to daylight and natural ventilation. Internal workstations are organized in zones around a new sky-lit central meeting and gathering space to be used for socially distanced meetings, connecting people and projects.

Future proofing was a key objective, and even though the design was completed pre-pandemic, the plan incorporates many initiatives that promote and ensure a safe, open, flexible, interactive, and fluid work environment, including a reduced reliance on enclosed offices, an investment in automated and touchless systems and HVAC systems with appropriate filtration and UV treatment.

The project also includes many sustainable initiatives; extensive use of natural daylighting, durable materials, energy efficient lights, daylight occupancy sensors, natural ventilation, enhanced building envelope design and the installation of a cold roof as part of the City of Toronto Eco-Roof Incentive Program, reducing energy costs, urban heat and improving air quality.