In 2017, DTAH contributed to the Ontario Association of Architects’ (OAA) blog about the renovation of 50 Park Road. The OAA’s relocation from 50 Park Road to Don Mills in 1992 presented DTAH with the opportunity to repurpose, renovate, and restore the modern heritage building. The result is a unique design studio that preserves the building’s architectural character, delights in its legacy, and continues to be an engaging work environment.

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, physical office spaces are being reimagined and re-evaluated for the benefit of the companies and employees who work in them. Allowing for flexibility and fluidity in office space design has never been more important. 50 Park Road has demonstrated its adaptability in the last few years by transforming from workspace, to event space, to gallery as opportunities arise, offering a place for people to meet and share knowledge and inspiration in a variety of ways. While at the present time we remain connected virtually, we’d like to share this ode to our office with you and look forward to gathering there again in the future.

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