A virtual public information session for the Brampton Riverwalk Urban Design Master Plan (UDMP) will be held on Wednesday, March 17, 2021, from 6:30PM EST. In this virtual Public Information Session, the City will present an update on the project and seek feedback on design direction, concepts, and recommendations on the draft Riverwalk UDMP. Feedback will be collected during the virtual public meeting and in an online questionnaire. Read more about the session in the meeting notice here

Learn more about the UDMP consultation process here

Downtown Brampton lies within the Etobicoke Creek floodplain. Provincial policies around hazard management restrict the type and amount of development that can occur there today. The Brampton Riverwalk will be a transformative opportunity to help revitalize downtown and make it healthy, sustainable, and resilient.

The City of Brampton has engaged DTAH to develop an open space master plan that will develop concepts for the treatment of the flood infrastructure, the open space system along the valley, integration of active transportation network, of urban resilience, environment and economic sustainability and public health issues, programming and implementation of the overall vision for Riverwalk.

The UDMP builds on findings from the Downtown Brampton Flood Protection Environmental Assessment and will integrate the flood protection measures into the public, open space realm along the Etobicoke Creek valley from Vodden Street to Clarence Street. Learn more here