Established in 1893, High Park Zoo is one of the oldest facilities of its kind in Canada. This highly popular destination is located with Toronto’s High Park and is free to the public, attracting over 600,000 visitors each year. The Friends of High Park Zoo (FPHZ) are a non-profit group formed in 2012, who have worked tirelessly to increase awareness, to raise emergency funds necessary for its survival, and develop a long-range strategic plan to improve and manage this special and unique resource.

Since 2015, DTAH has worked with FHPZ and the City of Toronto to develop a compelling Master Plan vision for the Zoo. The Master Plan will guide future projects and capital improvements for years to come. The Master Plan defines a series of principles related to greening, water management, animal exhibits, thresholds, and identity, and includes an illustrative demonstration of the potential recommendations. The Master Plan aims to better integrate the Zoo within the park, improve environmental performance, and create a more inviting experience for visitors and improve the conditions for the animals that reside in the Zoo.

Following completion of the Master Plan, DTAH led the design of the primary public realm elements. Phase 1 of the Master Plan included the rehabilitation and reconstruction of key structures. Today we are thrilled to share that FPHZ has secured funding for Phase 2 from their government partners: City of Toronto, Province of Ontario, and the Government of Canada. This next phase of effort will focus on enhancing accessibility, sustainability, and placemaking within the zoo.

Read the news release from Friends of High Park Zoo here