Sunland Central Green is a new urban waterfront park in an expanding residential district of Shanghai. Designed to be implemented in phases, this is the first stage of a multi-faceted, multi-use outdoor destination that will provide diverse ecological spaces, including grasslands, open meadows, forests and bird habitat alongside a series of social and recreational spaces.

This first phase, designed by DTAH and implemented by MYP Inc., includes walking circuits and trails which promote greater pedestrians and cycling connectivity throughout the site and adjacent communities. A central plaza and canopy act as a spacious and flexible focal point where community activities can occur. Bold and colourful planting animates the spaces at ground level and forms dramatic views when viewed from the surrounding towers above. The design also introduces green infrastructure and enhanced stormwater management, which reduces the impact on the municipal sewer systems and improves water quality as it discharges into the adjacent river.

See sketches and learn more about the project here