DTAH Partner, Joe Lobko, is moderating a one-hour look at two selections from the OAA’s SHIFT2021 Resiliency Architecture Challenge on Nov. 30.

Intern architect Holly Sutton explores how an industrial site can become a sustainable, inhabited landscape that brings renewed life to struggling communities. Through design, her project attempts to integrate large-scale community planning with environmental remediation strategies.

Then, an interdisciplinary team led by architect Gordon Stratford offers a strategy for improved accommodations for essential agriculture workers who provide our communities with food. Their submission focuses on design as a mechanism for achieving a healthy, nurturing, adaptable, and vibrant home-away-from-home for foreign worker communities.

Each of these projects reveals the direct positive impacts that thoughtful and sensitive design can have on communities.

The SHIFT Architecture Challenge is a biennial program created by the OAA that invites Ontario architects, interns, architecture students and their collaborative teams to respond to an identified area of concern using their skills and insights.

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