DTAH Partner Joe Lobko will be speaking at the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada’s (RAIC) Virtual Conference on Architecture, with two presentations available on demand later this month.

The first presentation, Innovation Wins: Behind the Scenes of Design Competitions for Institutional Clients in Canada, will be available on demand on Monday, June 13. In this session, Joe will discuss the processes and considerations involved in the organization and implementation of two-stage international design competitions held for institutional Canadian clients by assessing three case studies. This session provides participants with an overview of potential issues to consider when contemplating sponsorship of, or participation in, international design competitions.

The second presentation, City of Our Immediate Future: Mapping Intensification in Toronto, will be available on Monday, June 27. This session explores mapping and data collection for our rapidly growing cities, and how current software might assist in exploring and identifying alternative futures for built form and community capacity.

Read more about the RAIC Virtual Conference on Architecture here.