The City of Toronto recently held the 2023 Toronto Urban Design Awards gala, where three DTAH projects were honoured: Bloor-Annex BIA Parkettes received an award in the Small Open Spaces category, Tommy Thompson Park Entrance and Pavilion received an award in the Public Buildings in Context category, and the Bloor Street Urban Fire Benches received an award in the Elements Category.

On Bloor-Annex BIA Parkettes, the jury commented, "This project was appreciated simply for what it is, and what it is doing for the public realm, but these little details, and some of those thoughtful moments, collectively are what made this project award worthy."

The jury commented that Tommy Thompson Park Entrance and Pavilion is "a beautiful building; scaled appropriately; built from appropriate materials; and detailed with the evolution of the site in mind. Despite its modern stature, expressive rooflines, and generally some contemporary notes, this building feels like something that might have always been here, with materials pulled from just underneath the surface, and beautiful gabion baskets to reinforce them. Simple; refined; elegant."

The jury comment on the Bloor Street Urban Fire Benches: "It is beautiful when an element can do so many things for the public realm. Not only do we need more seating in the city, but we need seating that is more engaging, and promotes better opportunities for social interaction. These benches are designed in such a way that we can gather inwards, or gaze outwards, promoting a variety of social engagement opportunities within the vibrant Bloor Street corridor between Church and University Avenue."

Read the full jury report here.

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