Someone walking along curving pathway lined with boulders . Young trees in background and lush plantings in foreground.

Dr. Lillian McGregor Park

A new urban oasis in downtown Toronto

Located in a vibrant area of downtown Toronto, Dr. Lillian McGregor Park provides a flexible place for day-to-day relaxation and reprieve, and serves as an important space for people to come together for small social gatherings. Named after Dr. Lillian McGregor (1924-2012) of Whitefish River First Nation, the public art in the park considers themes important to Dr. McGregor - Health, Spirituality, and Language.


Toronto, Ontario


Lanterra Developments and City of Toronto

Large crane sculpture next to paved path in Dr. Lillian McGregor Park

DTAH’s design approach prioritizes the creation of an inclusive commons that can be many things to many people, established through a fulsome public consultation process to build a sense of ownership that ultimately drives future stewardship of this important urban resource.

The team was also honoured to meet with members of Dr. McGregor’s family and Indigenous Elders through First Nations House, at the University of Toronto, to receive first-hand accounts of Dr. McGregor’s life and teachings that helped to influence the landscape design, materials and plant selections for the park.

As the park straddles areas of both public and private ownership, and is itself constructed over an underground parking garage, the design integrates and overlaps these territories, allowing the public and private realms to interact in a harmonious manner that benefits and strengthens the whole. Based on this approach, the park is a dynamic space that accommodates daily, weekend and seasonal activities.

Dr Lillian McGregor Park Aerial View

All plants were selected to tolerate the soil and drainage conditions. A lush and varied planting palette of dense trees, shrubs and perennials follow the stone outcrops that weave throughout the site, creating a rich and organic landscape experience within the City’s core.

People walking in front of Dr. Lillian McGregor Park with tall residential buildings surrounding the park. Large white feather sculpture supported by four bright teal columns in background. Lush grass planting in foreground.