Humber Bay Park Master Plan

Where nature meets city: a dynamic waterfront park

Humber Bay Park, with its system of trails, rugged shoreline, and dramatic views, is a unique and rare waterfront experience within the larger metropolitan Toronto area. The 43-hectare park is owned by the Toronto Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) and operated by the City of Toronto Parks Forestry & Recreation Division.

Over the years, Humber Bay Park has evolved into a well-loved neighbourhood green space and remains a well-kept secret among city-dwelling nature-lovers. As a result of the increasing density in the Mimico Neighbourhood and in the immediate vicinity of the Park during the past 5-10 years, the Park is under new pressure to accommodate larger numbers of visitors. The aging park infrastructure, combined with increased use has resulted in significant signs of wear and tear, deterioration and decay.

Recognizing the significance of Humber Bay Park as an important amenity for current and future residents of the Greater Toronto Area, the TRCA and the City of Toronto commissioned DTAH to prepare a Master Plan that reviews the existing conditions within the park, highlights issues and opportunities to guide future improvements to the Park in order to protect its unique character and ensure its continued sustainability. Download the Humber Bay Park Master Plan here. DTAH is continuing to work on Humber Bay Park, currently leading the landscape architecture for Phase 1 Implementation of the Plan.


Toronto, Ontario


City of Toronto


  • Toronto Urban Design Awards, Award of Merit - Visions and Master Plans, 2019

The project establishes a vision and design – both short and long-term, to protect and enhance the valued landscape, habitat and recreational uses, as well as recommends safety and accessibility improvements into and within the park.

Part of the Mimico Creek watershed, the Park is defined by two large peninsulas that flank the mouth of Mimico Creek where it joins Lake Ontario. Although the landmass of Humber Bay Park is entirely man-made, it has become a naturalized green space that now plays host to a number of migrating bird species and evolving ecologies.

The shorelines of Humber Bay Park provide some of the most breathtaking views of the downtown Toronto skyline, and a rare opportunity to escape the intensity of the City.