DTAH is proud to announce that the Brampton Riverwalk Open Space and Urban Design Master Plan received an Award of Excellence in the Visions, Masterplans and Large Places Design category, as well as Best Overall Project!

The plan seeks to reintegrate the Etobicoke Creek into the fabric of downtown Brampton, restoring natural ecologies while enhancing social amenities.

The jury commented:

“The Riverwalk masterplan tells a story of revitalization that is complex, yet believable, creating a diverse and integrated “quilt” of spaces. The Masterplan demonstrates an extraordinary sensibility of how public realm and landscape infrastructure can respond to environmental stewardship, economic development, and population growth within the Downtown. It is a skillful and thoroughly considered planning and design exercise to re-naturalize and bring Brampton's Etobicoke Creek urban watershed back to a thriving and healthy system. This visionary and long-term effort will not only bring natural and healthy park, streetscape, and wetland treatments back into the city's inner core but will also work to mitigate flooding and unlock critical areas of the downtown slated for further density and development. This well-envisioned masterplan offers a compelling and believable vision and should inspire other communities to be ambitious in addressing open space deficiencies in our MTSAs and rapidly densifying communities.”

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