Market Street

Toronto’s first flexible street

The redevelopment of Market Street sets a precedent in Toronto for the creation of mixed use, multi-purpose and flexible public streets. Located in the historic St. Lawrence neighbourhood of downtown Toronto, Market Street is a short but active lane defined by the market on the east side and by a continuous series of historic commercial buildings along the west, mostly occupied by restaurants and charming boutiques.

A unique feature of the street is its built-in flexibility. During the summer months, the traditional sidewalk is occupied by outdoor restaurant patios, and the pedestrian sidewalk spills out into the winter-parking lane. This is seasonal transformation is made possible through the use of removable bollards and the absence of traditional stepped curbs between the vehicular and pedestrian axes.  


Toronto, Ontario


Woodcliffe Landmark properties and City of Toronto


  • Toronto Urban Design Awards, Award of Excellence, 2015

The street and sidewalks feature concrete unit paving laid on a concrete base. Barrier curbs are replaced by rows of bollards to provide a continuous surface along the full length of the street. Pavers are selected and organized to reflect the heritage context, and also to clearly indicate pedestrian and vehicle zones in full compliance with the most stringent AODA guidelines.

As the lead consultants for the Toronto’s Complete Street Guidelines, the much-anticipated John Street Revitalization landscape design, Willcocks Common at the University of Toronto’s downtown campus and the Bloor Street Bike Lanes Pilot project, DTAH has been transforming city streets into attractive, safe, animated and sustainable destinations.

The design of the streetscape seamlessly integrates roadway, sidewalk and concealed drainage sets a wonderful example for the city.”

Toronto Urban Design Awards of Excellence Jury