Toronto Metropolitan University Public Realm

Revitalizing an urban campus

The great universities, which foster a strong sense of affection and loyalty from their alumni, are those which have considerable “campus life” beyond the instructional experience. What students most appreciate about these campuses is the sense of community nurtured by social, cultural, recreational and sports activities. As the university's population expands, the ability to provide the amenities and facilities necessary to support a vibrant campus culture is increased.

The public realm plan for Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly known as Ryerson University) establishes the direction for future development of the public realm features of the University, including streets, parks and open spaces. Developed over a 12 month period beginning in February 2015, this is the first specific public realm plan for Toronto Metropolitan University.


Toronto, Ontario


Toronto Metropolitan University, (formerly known as Ryerson University)

The public realm plan considers the core campus as well as major buildings to the north and west of the core, such as the Mattamy Athletic Centre and Ted Rogers School of Management. The public realm plan also builds upon the public realm principles and objectives the 2008 Campus Master Plan.

Campus planning has been a focus of DTAH’s practice for decades, with our portfolio including campuses all across Canada from UBC, University of Calgary, and University of Regina, to Carleton, UofT, and Queen’s.

This treatment of streets to make them safer and more pleasant for people is a useful lesson beyond the campus that could be implemented in other neighbourhoods.”

Jake Tobin Garrett
Park People