Downsview Park Aerospace Campus

Downsview Park, a gift of the Government of Canada, is a self sustaining national urban park and new community. It flanks the Downsview air strip and is anchored by Sheppard Avenue, Keele Street, an extension to the Spadina subway line and a GO commuter line. The Downsview Park Master Plan establishes a set of commercial and residential neighbourhoods. The Chesswood commercial neighbourhood, served by the new station and direct access to the landing strip, is an excellent fit for the Centre for Aerospace Innovation and Research.

This preliminary study by DTAH examines the feasibility of accommodating an aerospace education, research and entrepreneurial centre combined with a new campus for Centennial College on the Chesswood development parcel in Downsview Park. The enterprise, known at present as the Downsview Park Centre for Aerospace Innovation and Research is intended to sustain the Canadian Aerospace industry through ensuring a continuing trained workforce, integrated research, and a fertile home for innovation and entrepreneurial business development.


Toronto, Ontario